My Mother

            MY MOTHER

Neelamani Sutar

Like secret water

hidden inside the stone

love of my mother flows

unconditionally with life at stake

for her depth and unbridgeable width

I need not go to any sea

in search of my existence.

A knock at the soft corner of her heart

and she hands with care

plentitude of bliss and brimming affection.

with colors of unknown flowers

these divine elements lie

folded in my hands

with many-splendored features of life.

As I feel them,

they speak to me gently

in the nectar-filled voices

of the deciphered scripts,

unknown alphabets.

Unfolding before me

like rare flowers

the loose hanging end of her saree

carries the essence of a thousand hopes,

and flows in me

like a subterranean river.

On her tender face

hangs a vast canvas of mercy;

over whelms me

with its magic spell of smiles,

from a stirring of promising words

like a chorale in some symphony

or a wet water course in a desert.

Yes, her cherished hands

always reveal a wandering,

an extending far and wide

a flow of confidence

that bursts with scent of progress

every moment.

Like an invincible bird

like a heap of vivid flower

Like a sea that never overflows

her magnanimity heart

seems like a boundless sky itself.

Her infinite faith on god overhead

and herself, is that experience

creating new worlds for me .


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